Trump on top


Trump on top

Trump on top had become the world's most powerful person; there would be the supporter and the hater of him, undoubtedly. If you are the one, who does not like this American President, and you wished him bad luck in the previous elections, then you can remove that frustration in here. By playing this Trump on the top, you can hit him as hard you want to him in real life. You got the chance to even kill him if you could manage yourself to hit him in this game.

Trump on top 2 player game

Trump on the top got more than one mode; you can have a single player mode, tournament, and 2 player modes. Select which you want to choose, and you also got the chance to select the opponent.

An opponent who will fight with the Trump in the game will be the character you control. So, even chose Hilary Clinton, if you supported her in the previous election.

You can use the arrow keys to jump, move left, and move right to the character.

The thing which you need to do hit the head of Trump to the wall, to the floor and to the nets

The score bar will decide who the winner of the game is?

If you want to support Trump, you can have.

You can hit the opponent head to squash and win the battle.

Aside from the competing and frightening, this game got too much fun; you can get amusement of the game, by hitting the head harder on the floor. The higher you will get scores the harder you hit the head on the floor.

If you want to hit the nail right on the head, one should choose the two-player mode of the game, as your friend might want to kill you taking the side of Trump and you want to kill him thinking him as Trump.

Play trump on top 2 player game on the landed page, we have given you the option to play it online. play a more 2 player games like Get on top


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