Wrestle jump


Wrestle jump game

You might have watched some super brutal wrestling matches, and you might be expecting, this game would touch that niche. Nope, you are wrong; this is the wrestler's game in which two wrestlers holding hand on the slides try to hunt each other down. I am not saying this is wrestling, I had made it clear, this is the wrestler's game, wrestler wearing the Japanese dress of wrestling try to smash the head of each other so that they could win, as, the merit of the game, to win the game, one has to nail the other wrestler down.

Game Controls

  • 1player Arrow Up = Jump
  • 2player W = Jump

Wrestle Jump2 player game:

You can play this wrestle Jump game from this landed page, we have made it clear to provide you the option to play it. Just press the play button your computer's windows and the game will start loading.

Tap on the play button it will take a few moments to give you the next option.

Select either you want to go with the Single Player game or two player game. Just select which you want to get if you have got some friends surrounded you, you need to go with the two-player mode of the game.

Right after, the game entering mode, you need to press the arrow up key.

You should know who are you in both of the players who are going to fight?

You should know the revolving of the slides and should analyze when to hit the button to smash the head of the other wrestler to win the battle.

You easily can win the battle by smashing the head of the other wrestler.

If you could not make it win in the very first, time no worries, just tap on the again play button and take the revenge.

Load the game in your browser' windows and start playing the game, get the amusement of it. Hope you would like to play wrestle jump game if something goes wrong, mention it in the comment section. and here u can play the best game get on top and play more 2player games

Wrestle jump Play Game: